No Facebook for 2020

December 24, 2019

This sounds like a new year’s resolution, it’s not. It just so happens to align with the new year. Getting to it, I don’t intend to sign on to Facebook in 2020. This isn’t commentary on Facebook or the world at large. I just don’t think the value I get is worth the frustration. I wish I was a better person and could deal with it but I’m not. Also, it’s an election year so Facebook is going to be filled with bullshit everyone wants to believe to justify being fans of really shitty people all the while blaming it on their religion. Ok, that’s commentary. My blog. I do what I want.

So what will I read when on the toilet you ask? Why so curious? Hopefully books. I’m also on the Instagrams (bradrer) where we don’t really have to talk to each other which may be good for us, or just me. I’ll still be available on Facebook Messenger so you can ping me there. I have a phone and can text. That I do but maybe not well because I use words and not emojis or memes because I can’t keep up to date on their true meaning.

I’m not deleting my Facebook account. I may be back. I may not. This may be the year Charlize Theron recognizes that she needs a dizzy midwestern sugar daddy. The possibilities are endless!

Take care. Don’t be awful, that’s what I’m going to try to do.

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