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September 2, 2019

For those who need more email I’ve added ability to receive an email when a post is made. The sign up page can also be accessed via the “Subscribe” header in the navigation bar.

My desire to take part in social media is decreasing. I recently deleted my twitter account and I’m not sure what’s next. The two accounts I still hold onto are my facebook and instagram accounts. I’ll attempt to say something on facebook when a new post is made. Ideally my usage of that will decrease as well.

Why the hub bub? I’m removing distractions and social media is one of my largest. It’s just not worth the stress and thoughts it creates. I no longer have the fear of missing out which was my main reason for being tied to social media as well as good ol’ procrastination. My desires and needs are simple. As time passes I hope to focus more on what matters and forget what does not. I want to be more intentional with my time.

The relation of my social media usage to why I added email subscription is weak. I just figure if I’m looking for other ways to consume content someone else may as well.

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