Its Been 2 Years

August 24, 2019

… since my last post.

I’ve missed writing. Occassionally I post something to facebook but it’s not the same as writing in long form and not caring about the result.

Obviously procrastinating I figured I’d convert my blog to hugo before writing again. I’ve been enjoying golang when I have time to write code so why not. I also wanted to see if I could code/write from my iPad Prod (12.9 inch) (3rd generation). It works but took a lot of bootstrapping. With everything setup I essentially ssh/mosh to an EC2 instance and work from there. The advanatages of vim and bash. Unfortunately debugging anything in a browser is a huge pain in the ass on iOS. The AWS Console is not very iPad friendly and there are portions which aren’t even accessible. It also doesn’t support the Apple Pencil well.

Two years… a lot has changed but little worth mentioning. Rita passed away last November. It happened at home and she was happy up to the moment. She was 14. I will never forget having to carry my best friend’s body wrapped in a blanket and handing her to strangers to dispose of an hour after she had passed. There’s no ceremony, no time to accept what has happened. On your way out they ask you for a check.

After that things were weird with Lucy. She never paid attention to Rita but with Rita gone the dynamic changed significantly. Lucy would spend her evenings upstairs in her crate away from me. I wasn’t investing time in her. It was my fault.

In April I adopted Todd. His foster named him “Mayo”. He was a Todd.

This changed the dynamic significantly. He was 13 months old when I adopted him. He’s a nightmare and the most fun a person could have wrapped in 1. He’s my 4th boxer but my first white boxer. The joke I repeat often is “Todd’s great in bed”. He curls up in a ball and situates himself so that he’s slightly touching but not crowding me. He doesn’t snore. He’s so quiet I find myself putting my hand on his chest to make sure he’s breathing. He doesn’t even shake when he’s dreaming. He’s great… when asleep.


I miss photography. I miss writing. Life is good. Now that I have this setup again we’ll see what happens.

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