Pedal Board v2

February 15, 2017

Guitar Pedals - that which makes an electric guitar sounds awesome and helps keep the inspiration high… on a board.

About me

Other than pedal gear


In signal chain order (starts in top right):

  1. Way Huge Swollen Pickle - top right.
  2. TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini - top row second from right.
  3. Echoplex Preamp - bottom right.
  4. JHS Angry Charlie v3 - bottom row 2nd from the right.
  5. Xotic SP Compressor - bottom row 3rd from right.
  6. TC Electronics Alter Ego Vintage v4 - bottom left.
  7. TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb - top left.


(top row second from left)

Initially I daisy chained the power. Don’t daisy chain the power as you’ll get a lot of hum. To test if isolated power will help run your pedals off batteries. If you like what you hear get an isolated power supply because batteries suck. I use the BBE Supa-Charger. For an explanation see the JHS site.

The rest

The board

The board came with velcro of which I haven’t ran out of yet. Velcro’s cheap. To secure the power cables I used electrical tape, twist ties (from bread bags), and zip ties. Nothing fancy.

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