The Bradlands

Taking Care of the Girls

The routines don't need to be stuck to religiously. The girls are pretty easy to manage overall.


They are used to eating when they want. I just keep the bowls full of food. If that doesn't work just feed them when you can and they'll figure it out once they get hungry. Just make sure there's lots of water.

I bury half a cranberry capsule in a spoon of peanut butter once a day for each. This is to keep UTIs at bay. Rita will take 5x as long to eat the peanut butter than Lucy. It's hillarious.


I give Lucy half a Greenie after she's in the kennel and the door is closed. There's no daily limit. I always do it.

Around dinner I give them both a hard treat of the "t/d". Lucy eats it immediately but Rita will probably drop it a few times. Keep with it and she'll eat it. After she eats it give her a Greenie. If she is whining around this time it's because she wants her Greenie. She knows it's time. Lucy doesn't get a Greenie at this time. She gets plenty for going in her kennel.


They're not used to walks at this point. Just let them out in the yard and they'll take care of business. They love walks though so feel free. Just make sure to keep Lucy's collar on her. It's not the easiest to walk them together and hold the transmitter. Their leashes will get tangled. Picking up poop is especially challenging. I recommend stepping on the leashes just in case they see a squirrel.

Lucy's Collar

The collar isn't for fun. It's how to convey a command is being given. When you give any of the command press a button. It's not for punishment.

  1. Charge the collar and transmitter every night.
  2. When you unplug the collar from the charger you have to turn it on. There's a soft button on the inside of the receiver. It will make a sound and the light will blink green once it's turned on.
  3. Keep the transmitter on 2. The transmitter has 3 buttons: 2 on the front and one on the side. The smooth button on the front is what is used for all commands. The second highest on the front is for if she doesn't respond to the first. The side button (3rd button) is for… escalation. Don't use the 3rd button for small things. Only for things that are bad and really mean it. Things that you need to stop immediately. She may yelp.
  4. If she isn't responding on 2 it's OK to go to 3 (first make sure it's on) but be careful and only do it if things are bad. I tend to put it on 3 when on a run or when Lucy is really excited and just won't listen to me, like when she sees Tyler.
  5. Take the collar off her when you're not around. It should never be on her in her kennel.
  6. When putting the collar on use the 4th hold on the collar. Don't always put it on having the prongs in the same place. Move them around so that one spot on her neck doesn't get irritated.

Lucy's Commands

Feel free to create whatever routine you like with the commands. I'd recommend that you create a routine of commands for when she's to enter and exit doors so that she doesn't try to run out them. I try to keep her from running outside with "place". I use "sit" before she can come back in and then "break" to let he know she can come in.

Day Care

Rita doesn't go to day care, only Lucy. Rita sleeps all day and I don't need to pay for her to do that at day care. I have paid up at Pooches Paradise. If you run into any issues pay and I'll reimburse you. Take her every day if you can. It will make for a much more manageable Lucy (take her every day, seriously). A tired Lucy is a manageable Lucy.


I told Peggy to charge me for the visits, not you guys for when they are at your house.


Rita roams. Lucy should be in her kennel at night and when you're not around. I leave her out sometimes at my house but she likes to get in things and I'm sure she'll find something to get into. She really likes laundry and mail. She'll tear up your mail before you know she has it. She really likes socks. Watch out for your socks.

-bradrer on Dec 4, 2016