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I've started writing more, not creatively, just writing more throughout the day. As great as apps are, iPhone or on my laptop, they're just not convenient or fulfilling to use when it comes to purging a thought. My brain is blocked until I can get passed these thoughts and for whatever reason seeing them on paper works for me.

I picked up a couple Moleskine notebooks about a month ago which have become constant companions. I write lists for work, thoughts about life, or anything that pops into my mind. Pen to paper, immediate gratification, and a seeing a full page of scribbles… there's something theraputic about it all.

When I was using an app for this I felt constrained. My notes would be nice and neat but I'd struggle with the structure, worry about formatting, etc. That goes away with paper. Paper's also more permanent. There's no delete button waiting to be clicked. When facing a delete button that becomes the goal: keeping the app clean by deletion instead of getting my thoughts out.

The only struggle I had with toting around a Moleskin was how to carry a pen. I grabbed a single Quiver pen holder for my Moleskins. It's a little steep at $30 but you only need one regardless of how many notebooks you have.

I also highly recommend getting a fountain pen. I went cheap, relatively speaking, for my first but even a cheaper one will change the look and feel of your writing. My first was a Pilot MR with a medium nib. Unfortunately on my Moleskine the lines were too thick. I then grabbed the "Fine" nib version which is perfect. You can spend a lot of money in this area and I'm sure I'll get sucked in at some point but I view the fact that it makes me want to write more a good thing.

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-bradrer on Aug 10, 2014