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Running Strategy

I hate running. - me

If we've spoken in the last few months you've heard this, it's my opener. Running is painful, humiliating, sweaty, exhausting, defeating … yet I'm craving it. Multiple nights this week I came home after work and ran. I ran yesterday in its 101° heat index. I plan on running again today.

Up to this point I've been running in the morning. I'm done with that for 2 reasons:

  1. I have very little energy in the morning as it's before I eat.
  2. Sometimes… well… it makes me have to poop.

Number 2 (see what I did there) sucks. There's no more defeating of a feeling than having to stop a run short and tight cheek it back home. No matter how hard I try I'm unable to become the master of this domain.

Last Sunday was the last straw. I went out first thing and after 1 mile had to turn around and walk home. 3 hours later I went for another run. According to Strava I averaged 11:42/mile. 11:42! A toddler could do that with a nap in the middle. But with the second run something was different. Since I had ate I had energy but my legs were weak because it was the second run of the day. As a result of the weakness I didn't push myself as hard. Instead, when I got tired, I slowed down and walked. Once recovered I picked up the pace again. I did this a few times. Up until then my strategy was to run until my body nearly collapsed: chest hurt, out of breath, dizzy as hell. The benefit of the change is I'm able to run longer. Granted I walk a bit of the way but it allows me to get my heart rate under control and recover. Previously I'd just burn out and have a short time period where my heart rate was where it needed to be. Now I'm able to control it a bit more and keep it in the target range for longer, hopefully giving it a better work out.

Is this better? Not sure but I'm not hating it as much. That's gotta be worth something.

-bradrer on Jul 27, 2014