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Fantasy Reading

I don't read fantasy books often. I wasn't able to make it through Lord of the Rings (a chapter describing a hill is a chapter not worth reading). I've been reluctant to pick up anything in the genre to this point but with a strong suggestion from a friend, Zach Crowell, I started last December on the Mistborn Trilogy (1, 2, 3) by Brandon Sanderson. To say the least I couldn't put them down.

The thought he puts into the world, characters, politics, and magic (I use that term loosely) was perfect for what I needed to be and stay engaged in the story. The first novel, Mistborn: The Final Empire, was sequential and compelling, just enough to make me curious about the next. The second, The Well of Ascension, is when his real talent started to show. He's a talented world builder and the best way I can describe his pacing is that it was like reading Harry Potter, every chapter had a purpose and moved the story along at a consistent pace.

After the Mistborn Trilogy I read Steelheart (The Reckoners), the first in the series. It doesn't appear to have as much depth as the others but I will continue to read the series as they're released, just not a priority.

This brings me to The Stormlight Archive (1 and 2 so far). Sweet Jesus this series is amazing. It's planned to be a 10 book series of which 2 have been released: The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. Just this week I finished Words of Radiance. Both were 1000+ pages but with the pacing the length went unnoticed.

This isn't meant to be much of a review, just a mention that if you're looking for something new to pick up consider one of the above. If you're unsure download a Kindle sample and give it a go. I linked to the Amazon detail page of each so that you can read much better reviews if so inclined.

-bradrer on Jul 6, 2014