The Bradlands

Leavenworth Wine

The snow is gone and the lows are above freezing in Leavenworth these days making for good car camping weather.

I went to Leavenworth this last weekend looking for local wine. Wine is a growing interest of mine. The photo above is from Icicle Ridge Winery. It's just outside of town and has a great view of the Wenatchee River and snow capped Cascades. The trees in the distance are pear trees. In late summer they'll be held up with 2x4s because of the weight of the fruit.

I also met me neighbor, the vintner at Boudreaux Cellars. Take a look at their site, the cellars are gorgeous and right across the river from my property. Rob graciously gave me a 2008 Cab Sav. I have a couple others that I purchased from Boudreaux as well. They're my victory wines. Once I complete the move I'll be drinking them in celebration of the move and the start of this new chapter in my life.

-bradrer on Apr 5, 2014