The Bradlands

Winter Stroll (on the Jimlands)

As customary I went back home for Christmas. I was there from December 23rd - January 1st. I had planned to fly back on December 31st but decided to stay another day to celebrate New Year's with a friend.

As stressful as the trip is for her Rita loves being on my parents' farm. It costs about $400 more for a trip with her than on my own. Doesn't really seem justified except that I just can't leave her behind for a week. She doesn't do well at kennels and I don't want to ask anyone to look after her for that long. My upstairs neighbors used to watch her but unfortunately they moved out.

Rita loves going on walks with my mom through the woods. I tagged along for this one. Their land has multiple fences across it. Dad built this ladder for mom to cross over one.

On the northeast side of the property is a path wide enough for a truck to get through. Mom said that dad is thinking of getting her a 4 wheeler to get around easier and quicker. My guess is she'll still walk it at times. Such a peaceful walk. Rita likes it because of the endless cow manure to eat.

I didn't know why at the time but I knew I loved the scene. After the fact looking at the photo I realized it was the lines created by the shadows, the trees arching over the path, and the focal point being mom and Rita. Everything came together. Going to try to print and frame this one.

-bradrer on Jan 3, 2014