The Bradlands

The Icicle

It's the end of November. We have the cold dropping into the teens at night. We have overcast skies. We have a sun with an arc that barely reaches the crest of the mountains to the south. But we are lacking any snow. I've been told that the first big snow is normally around November 1st but yet tomorrow is the first of December and the only thing on the ground is frost. The upside is the drive across the mountain passes have been calm and without the white knuckles of years past.

Since it's so cold my trips are merely over nighters. I head out on Friday, try to survive the night, wake up in the mountains, take some photos, and head home. It's hard to explain why this is worth the gas and the cold but it is. I look forward to it every weekend.

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When I got up this morning Rita and I headed down to the river. I hung out for about 30 minutes hoping the sun would break through for this shot. Without snow the river rocks are covered in a couple inches of ice. Rita can't get to the river to take a drink because of the couple feet of ice between the shore and the river. Instead she hangs out at the edge and licks the ice.

This photo is a blend of 3 auto bracketed photos (taken on a tripod). No filters.

I used luminosity masks to blend the 3 to bring out the highlights and increase the overall dynamic range.

-bradrer on Nov 30, 2013