The Bradlands

Tree Farm Road

I always drive home from Leavenworth on Route 2. Route 2 being the quickest route and an absolutely gorgeous drive thru the Cascades. I had never thought of taking I-90 back home. It's the highway, optimized for speed and although the views can be nice flying by them at 80 mph doesn't leave much time to take them in.

That said, on this Saturday morning, I needed to head east of Leavenworth to leave some stuff in storage (recently obtained at The Flying Dutchman). I upgraded my car camping bed from a bouldering crash pad to something actually meant to be slept on. I want to leave my crash pads around Leavenworth so that I can boulder on a whim and not store everything in my truck. Why not store it on my 6 acres of land? Because I've yet to build a shed. I want to build not buy and that won't happen until next year. Heading east of town around 11:30am I passed multiple miles of cars backed up on Route 2 heading into Leavenworth. This was the last week of Oktoberfest and everyone in Washington showed up. There was going to be no heading back thru town in any acceptable amount of time to head home west on Route 2. I was forced to miss the gorgeous views of Route 2 and take the highway back.

I was flying home. I passed so many cars I was questioning my own judgment. It had been a rough week and although I love spending the night in Leavenworth I just wanted to be home. But somehow, around exit 74, a lake caught my eye and I became aware that I had no reason to be home at any time in particular. I found the next exit, 71, and found an even more beautiful lake there. I pulled over, got out all my gear, and snapped away.

I took a lot of nice symmetrical reflection photos but this one I was the most excited about. For a reason I can't explain I prefer photos with a portait orientation rather than landscape. Most of the photos I post here on this site are portaits even thought they're of landscapes. It just works for me. I was excited for this one as the scene was gorgeous and I had to work a bit to get the shore out of the picture on the bottom left while getting the full reflection. Luckily I was able to manuever in the weeds and get the full reflection.

I am quite happy with how it came out. I've been working hard on post processing and I think this one came out quite realistic but with hints and touches to show the beauty of the scene.

Photo Details

The water surface was calm but there were still ripples in the water. To get the smooth water look I used a 6 stop ND filter which increased the exposure time to 15 seconds. Tripod was a must. The rest was just patience in getting the right exposure (I've been trying to shoot in manual mode lately) and composition. At home I spent a couple of hours in Photoshop tweaking color and getting the right tones and highlights. The white balance in the original photo was very orange and looked nothing like how I remembered it. Nothing spectacular about the post processing, just a lot of time spent on small details.


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-bradrer on Oct 19, 2013