The Bradlands


The Bradlands received visitors last week that are very special to me: my parents. This was their first visit to Seattle and to the Bradlands. We spent most of the time in Seattle but stayed a night in Leavenworth with a couple trips to the property.

Like me my parents are home bodies and like to work. Unlike me they have the experience working the land.

"How many acres?"
"6.  You?"
"I'm good with 6."

We walked discussing everything from clearing the land, to shelter, to getting water and problems I'll have with all of the above. They've been thinking about and doing these things most of their lives growing up in rural areas. They're not hillbillies or anything but both sides are firmly grounded in farming. A year or two ago my dad inherited his parents' 50 acre farm back in Missouri. He's been taking care of it ever since his parents were unable to. It was rough on him but it was well within his ability to do so even when living on the other side of town. Now, living on the farm, he's doing things on a daily basis that would take me weeks to do (let's ignore the fact that it's doubtful I'd be able to even do them).

As well as being well educated in the ways of the land my dad is a fisherman. I spend time on my property to get away from the daily grind. All my life he's done the same with fishing.

"You see that rock?"
"Yes."  Maybe.
"Now, you see the moon shaped rock to the right that does this?".  I'm sure the accompanying gesture would have helped 99.9% of others.
"Maybe."  Of course I didn't.
"Below that is a triangle made out of 3 rocks.  There's a fish in the middle of that triangle.  You'll see his tail wash up on the rock on the right... THERE! See it!?!"
"There he goes again!  See it?"
"Absolutely not."

If you could peek back into my childhood you'd hear the above conversation on every fishing trip we went on. Being an onlooker you may wonder how truthful he was, being a fisherman and all. Call him on it. I dare you. He'll make a perfect cast and reel the fish in. My entire life I've been frustrated with this phenomenon.

We spent a lot of time down by the river. Both of my parents seem to have the attraction to water that I do. Dad with the fishing and mom with the beauty. With her I think it's more the calming effect that it has on me. I don't think I heard a single complaint from her the entire trip. There were a lot of "Oh Jim"s but that's how you know they're happy and enjoying themselves.

Before we left, mom asked for my camera.

-bradrer on Aug 30, 2013