The Bradlands

Fisheye Photography

Last weekend I rented the Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye Lens from Glazer's. This was my first time using a fisheye lens. Loved it.


The mountain on the left is Cannon on the right is Cashmere, both false fronts. They're much taller than they look here. <div class="photograph landscape"></div>

The river is really low this late in the summer. Not sure if the level is normal but it is toward the end of the summer and the snow melt has been decreasing for a while now. The river, and specifically this beach, have become Rita's watering hole and thus "Rita's Beach". (Note to self: climb that boulder.) <div class="photograph landscape"></div>

The morning's got to be Rita's favorite time of the day. I grab my camera before getting out of the truck as I know it's go time. I have more like this all with interesting perspectives. <div class="photograph portrait"></div>


Zoomed out at 8mm, shot straight up into the sky. <div class="photograph landscape"></div>

Made my first attempt at star photography, subpar performance. The photo ended up pretty soft (the trees around the edge have very little definition) and the clouds made it look even softer. The light on the right is Leavenworth. It wasn't perceptible with the naked eye. My parents are visiting this week and we're heading out to Leavenworth Wednesday. I'm renting a faster lens for this trip to see if I can do better. <div class="photograph landscape"></div>


It happens. <div class="photograph landscape"></div>

-bradrer on Aug 26, 2013